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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Used Motorcycle Repair Tips

no harm in it we buy motorcycles rondoan alias used bike?

As long as we are smart and observant in choosing to buy a motorcycle, used bike can remain comfortable and even stylish when worn. In fact, we can ONLY dapet nice bike with a relatively less expensive, "bejo" right? (Bejo = profit).

But we can ONLY dapet motorcycle accident is not good, both in terms of appearance or engine. Suppose there are body scratchy or mbrebet engine. Less memuaaskan not ...?

Well this time the NP will share tips on how to repair / merenofasi motor used to be better. Immediately wrote well see ya ...

1. Renofasi The Machine, Electrical, Lighting and Lamp-Lamp.

Before we renofasi the outside, it would be nice renofasi motorcycle engine parts first. Check all parts / motorcycle engine parts from the most vital example: Piston (Piston), block valve (for 4-stroke motors), Kop cylinder (cylinder Head), Carburetor, and others to other parts eg: Canvass and a clutch, a valve, and others.
Make sure all the parts work normally. Fix if any parts are scratchy so already not feasible to use (usually on the piston or cylinder block). Replace with new parts if necessary, or if the part is not already produced, could dikanibali use other motor parts (Kayak swap enggine Tiger to CB).
For injection motors, take the bike to the dealer wrote and asked to check the overall use special diagnostic tools to detect damage injection.
Do not forget to check the electrical parts eg CDI, coil, spark plugs, cables, and others. Replace if part is not worth taking. This also applies to the lights on the bike. So that the motor still safe for driving ...

Let me look more attractive, it can re-paint Kalter and engine block. Use attractive colors ie yellow gold, matte black, silver, and others. Wear heat-resistant paint that do not easily melt / fade. Not recommended Meng-chrome on the engine, because it is said he could make the machine easy to heat when used. But if you make ya MODIF aja aja probably is OK ...

2. Check suspension, swing arm, and wheels ...

Do not forget to check the quality of front-rear suspension damping. Check whether the suspension is still worth taking and not die. Make sure that the damping is not too stiff or too mentally was not mentul (Gak may Lustful, hehehe). Also check what was leaking oil on the shock front. If it is less suitable to be used, it is better to fix or replace the use of the new (if only for mods, replace all wear parts "Waste Moge", if there is more money anyway ... hehehe).

Also check the condition of the swing arm or swing arm. Check whether it is still strong enough to bear our burdens while driving. Check also bearingnya, who knows uda uda sound rusty and ciiit ciiit ciiit (Kayak rat wrote hehehe ... ^ ^). If da is less feasible to use, repair or replace a new one. If goods not manufactured uda, dikanibali can also use other motor parts.
Check also velgnya, whether they are strong or even already peyang. For wheels jari-jari/ruji, stel velgnya be safe in use. When the wheels / uda rusty fingers or peyang, yes replaced with a new one aja deh. For the wheel bolt, check whether there are cracks or bent. Bring to artisan pres wheels if uda no cracks or bent bolt on wheels. Also check the bearings on the wheels / drum. Is it still smooth when turning or already pregnant.
If you want to be different, re-paint suspension, swing arm, and wheels. Use wrana attractive colors like yellow gold, matte black, silver, and others. Or can ONLY let you touch more sleek chrome. Originally aja deh stay within the rules ...

Or if the motor buaat ornamental purposes / modif contest, can use suspension, swing arm, and wheels from the waste part MOGE. But if we have more money deh hehehe ... could boost the look you know ... Origin installation neat and harmonious ...

3. Cheque Details Body and Paint reset When It ...

Also check the details of used motor body uda you buy. Check what no cracks or scratchy. Can no cracks or breaks, can direnofasi the expert workshops gituan. Usually didempul or welded'll connect again.
If you've seamlessly, can be repainted'll look more interesting and not dull anymore (Originally appropriate if the motor vehicle registration and rules for daily). Can be clear coated paint / varnish let more sleek and secure. If cuman create a modif (Contest / display), can use cutting sticker / air brush motors in order to look more sweet and interesting.

If you want to be different for the contest modif / display, can change body kitnya vaariasi wear body kit. Could that of fiber or plastic. If according to the NP's more stable when constrained kitnya body design custom alias own creations. Let increasingly look different.

Actually there are a lot of parts / part else can be discussed. But if the NP pegel ngetiknya should thoroughly discuss all of them, so just so aja ya hehehe ...

A few tips first light of the NP. Positive may be useful for bikers who want to or already possess the motor rondo alias used bike so bike not less interesting with the new motor

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