automotive side: How to Repair and Install Carburetor Motor

Sunday, February 17, 2013

How to Repair and Install Carburetor Motor

IF the carburetor float needle wear, then gasoline will come out constantly.

To repair a worn float needle, the size of 1000 provide fine sandpaper. Previously, to open the four screws fastening the bowl. Then the needle unloading buoy position. Then the edges with sandpaper until smooth turning. The height of a float by itself will change also does not comply with the manufacturer's recommendations. Therefore it is necessary to know the secret special tips tune.

Here is how to installation: The first step, replace the needle follows pelampungnya, and create a basic benchmark, then high again measuring buoy. Furthermore plug the carburetor bowl, quite flanked by hand, do not need to be tied using four screws. Position the carburetor stand. Then attach the fuel line and let the petrol filling bowl. Then disconnect the hose and open the bowl.

Under normal conditions, the surface of the gasoline (the side that would spill) just the rim, while the other side surface, must be fitted with a bottom surface buoy coakan space. This method for carburetor pelampungnya space is not too deep. When tilted, the surface of the gasoline in the bowl should be parallel coakan limit. If too much fuel in the bowl (flood), we live life jacket and otherwise raise if too less, the buoys are set low. The buoy is made of plates, we stay up-down foot stopernya. While the buoys from plastic, it is necessary to use solder heat the first leg

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