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Sunday, February 17, 2013

shock absorbers system

Anyone who has never heard the term shockbreaker or shockabsorber?. Almost all motor vehicles or even vehicles now even almost no motor vehicles that do not have a good system of shock absorbers of two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheel drive as well as transport vehicles such as buses and trucks also have a system of shock absorbers and even make use of railway wheels to place the iron rail runs still equipped with shock absorber.

There are 2 types of system shock absorbers are used in motor vehicles, namely:

1. Types per leaf.

Per type is widely used in both transport vehicles and freight transport conveyance. Per is composed of several sheets of steel held together and fastened at the two ends as a handle. One of the second end of the handle is made to move freely per order per spasticity can result when the vehicle through uneven road terrain. Advantages of a leaf is the strength that can withstand a heavy payload, but the drawback system of shock absorbers such harsh and uncomfortable for passengers.

2. Type a snail.

Types of shock absorbers are widely used in certain vehicles that prioritizes comfort in driving such as sedans, minibuses (only), SUV, MPV, etc.. Advantages of the system of shock absorbers is the more tender and flexible so that it will provide more comfort for the rider. While shortcomings suspense type that uses a snail can not withstand heavy loads.

For the motorcycle type of vehicle, type of suspension used is per snail because the burden of the load than the motorcycle itself is not so heavy and when the motorcycle mounted leaf springs is unlikely and may actually will take place.

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