automotive side: June 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Emergency Car Repair Tips

In travel, there are just things that could cause our cars to be problematic, especially when we are on a long journey, when the city and during the day, we may directly into the nearest car repair shop to fix it, but what if the travel is at night when the garage the car is closed and the cars we have problems.

Therefore here are some tips in making a car service / repair emergencies like the one above:

A. Improve the condition of the vehicle is too hot

Action: Menepilah to a safe place, stop the vehicle and turn on emergency lights, then turn off the engine. We started doing car service. Do not open the radiator cap when the engine and radiator are still hot, wait 15-30 minutes, then refill the radiator. If the temperature is normal, check fluid level, if reduced, may leak.

2. Fix the radiator leak

Action: If the car is in motion, immediately stop the vehicle, if certain dry radiator water, wait for the engine to cool. After that pour the water in the radiator while observing the leak. Having known the leak patched with a banana. The way a banana split in half and then into the leaking parutkan. Wait 10-15 minutes, then fill the radiator with water. Just in case bring mixture patch radiator (radiator stopleak).

3. Improving Long Tie - Rod bent

Action: To straighten the pin and nut fastener open the tie-rod ends. Remove the steering knuckle arm. Usually because the old tie-rod untouched difficult removed. So knock of the arm knuckle with a hammer, avoiding mengetoknya from the top end of the bolt thread thus making wide. Having removed the tie-rod Lindas are bent with the help of another vehicle wheels, doing a few times until the straight. Try to position the tie-rod across, not parallel with the tire. No matter what type of car. Although maybe your car is a mercedes, you can perform temporary services mercedes.

4. Improve the removal of glass that does not work

Act of 1: Wipe the glass with a clean cloth and sprinkle tobacco smoking to the entire surface of the glass. Then rub with your hands.

Action 2: Or also by spraying regular soft drinks (drinks that contain soda) from the top along the glass and then wiped with a cloth.

Act of 3: Or find a banana tree, take pelepahnya, and give yourself piece of banana leaf midrib sap to the entire surface of the glass.

5. In a frosted glass repair

Action: Dampen a cloth until damp. Then apply a dab of soap, shampoo or detergent powder to one side of the cloth. Wipe evenly to the entire surface of the glass. Then wipe with a damp cloth before.

6. Fix the lights went out due to blown fuse

Action: the car park immediately in a safe place. Terminal off the lights, grab the cables connect to the negative terminal of the lamp is located on the left side of your front to the negative battery terminal. Just choose the other cable will be connected near the top terminal or remote terminal on the right and then directly connected to the plus terminal aki.Misalnya mercy of your car is ... so you do not have to shop for services mercy mercy. You can perform services while at the mercy.

May be useful!